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Hey there! My name is Kala, I am 18, my birthday's March 24th and from the mitten state. My favorite shows are American Horror Story, Lost, Supernatural and Bates Motel. I mostly listen to pop punk and my favorite band is Man Overboard. If you follow me, ask me to check out your blog, I'm always looking for new people to follow! I am also always here to talk/fangirl anything really so don't hesitate to send me an ask!



im sleepy and kinda horny


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I want shoes or something with rats all over them like Vans did the stuff with the dogs and cats idk I think they’ll be cute

22. August 2014


You are more than what you eat.

You are more than how much you exercise.

You are more than your jean size.

You are more than how you look.

You are more than you could ever imagine. 

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